Observe crowds in any public area these days and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone browsing the web on a smartphone, like an iPhone or an Android.

In fact, one fifth of Americans access the mobile web each day, according to the 2009 Pew Research Center.

As much as mobile phone technology has revolutionized modern communication, it has done even more to provide a platform for effective advertising that is unmatched today.

It’s been said, if Mobile Phones didn’t exist, smart marketers would have to invent them!



Savvy businesses are climbing on the mobile marketing bandwagon faster than ever before…because they see what their competitors see: Marketing Opportunity.

Lets’ take a look at why mobile advertising is so powerful and why it can offer your business unlimited profit opportunities.


1. The Single Biggest Reason Is Results. Mobile ads have been reported to be up to 30 times more effective than general internet banner advertising.

The research, which included 22 top brand advertisers and more than 3,000 users, showed that “the average successfulness of individual SMS/MMS campaigns was approximately 27 times higher than in the case of Internet banner campaigns.


 2. Where The Users Are. Advertisers of all types can reach far more users via the mobile phone than the PC. Measured globally, mobile ownership and usage far outstrips the ownership of PCs with Internet access.

It is estimated that half of the world’s humans now carry a mobile phone!

Almost 4 billion mobile phones in use as opposed to only 1 billion pcs, worldwide. The gap between mobile and PC ownership is even greater in developing markets…and the gap is growing in all places and in every demographic.


3. Multiple Contact Points Are Better Than One. PC-based Internet advertising has one way to reach users: through the Internet on a PC.

Mobile carriers have a much larger menu of options to offer advertisers: voice (visual voicemail, ringback tones, missed call notifications), text (SMS), mobile Internet, billing contact points and handset clients and more.


4. One-On-One Feel. Due to the one-on-one personal nature of mobile devices, mobile ads are more effective in terms of product awareness and sales.

Because messages are intended just for the user, users generally pay more careful attention to mobile ads (e.g., text added after a notification) than they do to ads that come to a PC.


5.  Extreme Targeting. The amount of relevant, useful information about a subscriber makes a mobile device the ultimate targeting tool. No other media enjoys this kind of targeting.

For instance, a mobile phone is usually used by a single individual. PC’s are often used by an entire household and advertising on PC’s can not produce the same targeted results.

 Demographic information: From subscriber profile§
Time and context: User, Web site, time and location
Ongoing profile builder: Subscriber information is accumulated from a variety of sources to one unified subscriber profile
Predictive behavior: Based on user habits, preferences and history

The more targeted the ads are the more relevant and interesting they are to the audience. Users naturally pay better attention to them so advertisers get a higher response rate….which translates to more business.


6. Not Location-Dependent. Only via a mobile phone can knowledge of the user’s movement and changing location be used for timely offers, such as a discount at a store or at a cafe in the food court as a user enters a mall.

Advertising for small local businesses can have a much stronger business case on the mobile than on PCs.


7. Trusted Billing Relationship. Most mobile users will have a higher degree of trust and confidence in the carrier which can lead to less purchase resistance.

Purchases from a PC or laptop usually require the use of money transfer methods such as PayPal or credit cards.

But purchases from a mobile phone can be handled simply, and automatically using the  familiar and trusted billing procedures users are already familiar with. This encourages mobile users to act on their impulse to buy through their handset, and can result in more business.


8. Opt-Ins Insure Subscriber Interest. Unlike the PC experience, users must opt in to participate in mobile advertising.

Whereas ads on the PC are largely regarded as a form of spam and ignored, mobile ads are delivered only to those who request them. The way they are regarded increases their effectiveness.


9. Event-Triggered Messages. Mobile ads triggered by real-time situations such as billing and location triggers, and can be highly effective in meeting immediate real-life needs and maximizing response rates.


10. OvercomesBanner Blindness’ And Ad Blocking.   

Eye-tracking studies show that Internet users have developed banner blindness (much like TV viewers don’t even see commercial). The result is many internet users simply have stopped noticing banner and space ads, so don’t ever click on them.

Ad-blocking software is now widely used to prevent even the appearance of ads, rendering even more internet ads ineffective. Mobile advertising with SMS Text Messaging eliminates all that and yet retains it’s advantages, too.





Why A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Imagine your website looked at through a pair of distorted glasses. That’s what happens when standard website designs are viewed on mobile devices. Here’s an example:





The above example is pretty typical of how many standard websites will appear on most mobile devices.

Your site on your own mobile smart phone might look ok – but don’t be reassured by that. On many other devices, it could look just like the ‘before’ picture above.

Sometimes the site will display but be impossible to read, too small, or not scrollable. It’s simple a matter of the coding used to produce a standard site is intended to display well on a PC….not on a mobile device.

This wasn’t much of an issue 5 years ago when mobile usage was so much less than it is today.

But today, it’s a different world!

Today, nobody wants to browse a desktop website on their smartphone!

Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices and provide the best experience for the visitor, by far.


Here’s Just A Few Benefits Of A Mobile Website:


1. Positive User Experience.

Research on mobile website usability shows that mobile-optimized websites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction, which makes a positive impression when it counts.


2. Branding Your Identity

A mobile website immediately helps you stand out and presents a positive, contemporary brand identity for your organization. A mobile-optimized website makes a positive statement before you’ve said anything.

Portability and Connectivity


3. Geo-Specific Tool Uses

With a mobile-friendly website you can immediately engage users with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call, mapping functions.

Plus, if you’re a local business, mobile can be even more important as many visitors will find your site through location-aware geo-technology. That’s the software that connects users to your website when they’re in your immediate geographic proximity


4. Google & Yahoo Rankings Improve

A mobile website provides improved rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It also  gives you the ability for listing in a growing number of mobile and local directories.


5. Connects Your Business To Social Media

Consider the following statistic:
Social activities account for 91% of mobile internet access, in contrast to 79% on desktops.

In addition, over 30% of Facebook use is from Facebook Mobile. And up to 50% of Twitter use is from Twitter mobile.


6. Connects To Growing Tablet Users

Tablets are becoming very popular. The average user spends nearly 14 hours per week using their iPad or Tablet. This is only projected to grow over the next few years.


7. Mobile Users Take Action.

Mobile users are highly motivated to purchase. It is thought that up to 1 in 5 websites benefit from an immediate response. In the US, approx 10% of all online shopping revenue is from mobile devices.


8. Mobile Driven SEO Will Boost Sales.

Search results account for 30% of the Smartphone shopping-related page views. If your online store is highly optimized for mobile SEO – your sales will increase. A mobile specific SEO strategy can be developed to target keywords specific to Smartphone audiences.


Need A Mobile Website?

There’s more to Mobile Marketing than just having a mobile-friendly website. Our marketing group has helped many local and regional businesses build profitable marketing campaigns around Mobile.

Take this opportunity to contact us for a risk-free, no obligation discussion of how mobile may fit in your current marketing plans.