Birthday Club


As a restaurant owner, we understand your top challenges:

– Keeping the restaurant full during non-peak hours.

– Increasing repeat business with existing customers.

– Having ongoing visibility and exposure.

– Generating a consistent flow of NEW customers.

To accomplish all four objectives requires you to advertise in multiple channels, which can be very costly, with no guarantee of results. You’ll also have to position your business in such a way to break through the noise of other competitors so you get the attention of your potential customers. That can be tough & costly! So what we’ve done is create a BETTER way to identify your highest value customer, proven to spend the most money with you, and drive this customer into your restaurant every day on a consistent and predictable basis.

So, who are these customers?


Birthday patrons are your most valuable customer. According to a recent study the National Restaurant Association conducted:

– Over 70% of Americans eat out on their birthday.

– The average birthday table is a party of 3-4 people 

– The average birthday expenditure is $78 per table 

Birthday customers are your highest value per transaction. They rarely eat alone. They typically bring family and friends with them. It just makes sense. However… we’re not just talking about your usual birthday club.

See, most birthday clubs are passive and internal. Meaning, they typically target your existing customer base, not NEW CUSTOMERS! They sign up to receive some sort of birthday offer once their birthday comes around. That brings them in then, but does nothing to help your bottom line today. Who knows, by the time their birthday rolls around, they might forget what they have signed up for unless you are careful to remind them. Or maybe they were planning on celebrating in your restaurant anyway, before the special offer. After all, they are ALREADY your customer.

The best way to build an effective birthday club is to reach NEW customers that are having a birthday RIGHT NOW and already have intentions of celebrating their special day somewhere. That should be in YOUR restaurant! What we’ve built is an EXTERNAL birthday club that is geared at attracting a steady stream of NEW customers on an ongoing basis. Here’s how it works….

Using our unique targeting system, we’re able to identify local residents who are having a birthday within 1 week and within a 10 mile radius of your restaurant!


We then provide an incentive that encourages them to celebrate their special day at your business.


We then send those customers to your restaurant to celebrate their special day.


It’s not uncommon for this type of birthday club to produce 20%-30% redemption rates and at a cost significantly cheaper than traditional advertising.

On the surface our system is simple, and highly effective. However, it’s what occurs in the background that makes it all work. Our system is designed to capture customer information for every customer that dines with you. Unlike most coupon or deal services that focus on the “one-deal seeker”, we help you to market to these customers on an ongoing basis, which increases your customer retention. We’ve built proprietary follow up and reminder software that is designed to funnel more customers into your restaurant. We’re able to send timed reminders via SMS/text message and email.


Additionally, we’re able to follow up with your customer after their visit, so you can collect positive feedback to improve your reputation.

So, if you want to….




Then you may want to learn more about how we can help you drive a steady flow of new business into your restaurant!