AlterNet Resources is a marketing firm that approaches marketing from a different direction. Instead of promoting individual services to all who might want them, we prefer to work together with select clients that we have had the chance to develop a personal relationship with. We offer a solution-based, consultative approach that allows us work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that will promote your goals for the growth of your business.

What exactly does that mean? It means we will sit down with you and start this team effort by listening to you talk about your company. We want to know what work or product you like best and wish to promote. We want to know what your business plan is and how marketing can help you realize your goals. We want to know whether you are looking for short-term gains from your marketing efforts or have the long-term picture in mind (you can get a faster return from certain marketing methods, but generally the cost is higher).

Next we will talk about the different methods of marketing, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how we can combine them for a desired result. We will talk about “the four R’s” and how this straightforward marketing approach would apply to your business and your market niche. In addition, we will talk about your marketing budget and what we can do to stay well within that.

Don’t get me wrong. If what you are looking for is just one marketing service performed, we can do that and do it really well. We would be more than happy to help, if that is all you need. But what we would really like is to be a member of your team, helping you to grow your business going forward.